yeah, uh, in the name of Jesus
no weapon formed against me shall prosper (preach it)
and every tongue that rises against me in judgment
thou shall condemn (preach it)
Lord give me a sign
for this is the herritage of the servants of the Lord (preach it)
And that righteousness is of me, said the Lord (preach it)

Lord gimme a sign
i really need to talk to you lord
since the last time we talked
the walk has been hard
now i no u havent left me
but i feel like im alone
im a big boy now
but im still not grown
and im still goin thru it (what)
pain and the hurt (yeah)
soakin up trouble like rain in the dirt (yeah)
and i no only i can stop the rain
by just the mention of my saviour's name
in the name of jesus
devil i rebuke you
for wat i go thru
and trying to make me do what i used to
but all that stops right here
as long as the lord's in my life
i will have no fear
i will know no pain from the light to the dark
i will show no shame spit it right from the heart
cause its right from the start
you held me down
and aint nothing they can tell me now

Lord give me a sign
Let me know whats on your mind
let me know what im gonna find
its all the time
show me how to teach the mind
show me how to reach the blind
Lord give me a sign
show me what i gots to do
to bring me closer to you
cuz ima go through
whatever you want me to
just let me know what to do
Lord give me a sign

please, show me something
im tired of talkin to him
knowin he frontin
cryin about life aint notin
would u either be the one mad
cause u trapped or the one huntin
trapped in your own mind
waitn on the lord
or huntin with the word that
cuts like a sword
the spoken word is stronger than
the strongest man
carrys the whole world like the strongest hand
through your trials and tribulations
you never let us down (jesus)
i no u here wit us now(jesus)
i no u still wit us now
keep it real wit us now
i wanna feel, show me how Please
let me take your hand
guide me, i walk slow, stay right beside me, the devils trying to find me
hide me,hold up, i take that back, protect me and give me the strength to fight back


life or death live or die (uh)
i will never live a lie (uh)
im gon get because i try (what)
i wont quit untill i die (what)
im gonna make it, wrong or right (ya)
make it through the darkest night (yeah)
when the morning comes u'll see
all I have is God in me


/ 3 نظر / 33 بازدید

سلام امیرحسین لباس نوی وبلاگت مبارک نیومده بودم مدتها آدرس وبلاگم عوض شد، خیلی چیزهام باهاش عوض شد اما روحم نه هرچند که تو به خودتم سر نمیزنی اما بگم اگه خواستی ببینی آدرس جدیدو لینک کن البته هنوز خالیه تا کی دل بگه و دست تایپ کنه حق


سلام هم اسم ! چرا جنسیتتون رو زن اعلام کردید؟(فضولی)

قصه شاه پریون

سلام... بعد از چند سال اومدم اینجا... نمیدونم به وبلاگتون سر میزنین یا نه... من اون سالها خیلی میومدم اینجا....نمیدونم منو یادتون هست یا نه... لمل سادمه یه بار یه داستان کوتاه نوشتم و اسم وبلاگ شما رو هم توش نوشتم . ان شالله هر جا هستین موفق باشین